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Baked Quinces

Braised Pork with Quinces Recipe from My Cookbook

Market Diseases of Apples, Pears, and Quinces

Medieval Cookery - Marmelade of Quinces

Nutrition Facts and Food Composition Analysis for Quinces, raw

Nutritional Information of Raw Quinces

Poached Quinces and Pears Recipe

Pollination of Quince

Quince - Chaenomeles sp.
Use of quince in bonsai.

Quince - Cydonia oblonga Mill.
Taxonomy, cultivars, origin, history of cultivation, folklore, medicinal properties, food and non-food uses, production statistics, botanical description.

Quince - Encyclopedia.com

Quince - Herb Profile and Information

Quince Growing

Quince Recipes
Marmalade, paste, candy, syrup, jelly, stuffing, handcream, chutney, baked quinces.

Quinces Posters, Prints and Fine Art

Information on quince trees and fruit provided by the Department of Horticulture, Cornell University.

Description of quinces and their use in cooking.

Information on growing quince trees.

Recipe for Baked Quinces -- Kithonia Psita
Greek recipe.

Recipe: Tagine of Lamb with Quinces

Romans in Britain - Recipe for Honeyed Quinces

Special Cake With Quinces
Recipe from sixteenth century Netherlands.